Do Iran and Russia want a Military Confrontation with the US Over Syria?

Syria has been a bleeding wound of the Middle East since 2011. Iran and Russia are involved in the Syrian conflict on the side of Bashar Assad’s regime. Of course, each side has its own interest and operates accordingly. Perhaps, if Iran and Russia hadn’t intervened in the conflict, the fate of Bashar Assad would have been already sealed, but the intervention of Iran and Russia has changed the course of the conflict. Russian intervention, to be exact. Iran had been helping Bashar Assad’s regime for several years, before Russian intervention, but they were not able to turn the tide of war.

For Russia, which is already involved in the conflict in Ukraine, Syria has become a kind of a second front. Taking into account that Russia has serious financial and economic difficulties as a result of the fall in oil prices and international sanctions, one might think that Russia’s participation in the war in Syria and confrontation with US is pure madness. However, only those who are not familiar with the sentiment in the Russian society and Putin’s system can think this way.

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April 18, 2018, “The Daily Caller”