Iran became a prison for minorities

Perhaps, no one may be surprised by the rampage and injustice, taking place in Iran.

Recently world mass media were writing about the Iranian police beating and dragging a woman along the ground, because her hijab was loose. This woman’s story reached media because somebody could film it, but there are thousands of such situations, not filmed by anyone.

Of course all citizens of Iran suffer from the repressive clerical regime, but if u are a member of any national minority, you suffer more.

Being a national minority in Iran means not having a right to receive education in your native language, not having a right to give your children national names, sometimes being afraid to tell about your national identity.

It turns out that in the age of space travel and high speed internet, there are still countries, where people are deprived of basic rights.

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April 27, 2018, “Al Arabiya”